Signed Retainers

Fuel your firm with Signed Retainers

We generate the leads & do the intake, you only pay a fixed cost per case

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our process

How does it work?

We Generate Leads Using Our Branded Pages

With over a decade of experience in media buying for legal, we’ve got it down to a science.  We pay for the ad spend, you only pay the agreed upon fixed price per qualified case.  

Our Intake Team Screens the Leads

Our intake team (based in sunny Irvine, CA) takes every lead through an extensive screening process to filter out anything that wouldn’t be a qualified case.

*You will be able to see all intake questions/criteria

We Send Your Docs & Retainer For Signature

Using Docusign, we get your firm’s documents signed on your behalf.  

Signed Cases Delivered Straight to You

In addition to receiving your signed retainers & documents, your will receive an intake form with the client’s answer to every question asked during intake.  

Mass Tort

Personal Injury & MVA

Social Security Disability Cases

Why Choose Us?

Your Forms & Retainers

We get your firm's documents filled out and signed via Docusign

Located in Sunny California

Our intake agents are located in sunny Irvine, CA

Flat Cost Per Case

Say goodbye to variable cost per case due to fluctuating lead performance

Rigorous Quality Assurance Process

All cases are thoroughly reviewed by our management team to ensure premium quality on every case

Returns & Replacements

If your team feels that a case sent over does not meet the agreed upon criteria, we will happily review it and discuss a replacement credit

Internally Ran Media Campaigns

We pay for the ad spend on our owned & operated pages. You only pay a fixed cost per case, so we take on the risk of high lead costs.

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